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Congrat Wan for paper on CarboPol !
"The reuse of wastepaper for the extraction of cellulose nanocrystals" paper has been acccepted in Carbohydrate Polymer !
Congrat Ainul !
Congrat Ainul for succesful PhD VIVA on 16/11/2014 !!
Congrat ARIF !
Congrat Arif for succesful PhD VIVA on 13 Nov 2014 !
Congrat !
Congrat Arif, nazirh and Ainul for submitting PhD Thesis !
Congrat Arif !
Congrat Arif for a new paper in CEJ !
Congrat Arif for New Paper in APCATA !
New Students 20142015

1.   Rubia (PhD)

2.   Sahida (PhD)

3.   Lufti (MSc)  

4.   Shukri (MSc)

5.   Anis Farhana (MSc)

6.   Faizah (PSM) 

7.   Shafriza (PSM) 

8.   Atiqah (PSM)

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RESEARCH STUDENT for Solid Acid-Base Catalysis
Applications are invited for a research student to work in the design and synthesis of solid acid-base catalyst for heterogenous catalytic reaction under EScience (MOSTI)/FRGS(MOHE)/RUG(UTM) - funded projects. Applicants should have at least a degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering with an interest in laboratory chemical synthesis and knowledge of surface analytical techniques. 
The posts are available immediately. All inquiries and applications to :

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
New Fibrous Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle

We have finally succeeded in the preparing of this kind of Fibrous Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle (FMSN).

source : Doo-Sik Moon and Jin-Kyu Lee*, Langmuir 2012, 28, 12341−12347.

  1. Wan Hazman Danial, Zaiton Abdul Majid, Mohd Nazlan Mohd Muhid, Mohd Bakri Bakar, Zainab Ramli and Sugeng TriwahyonoThe reuse of wastepaper for the extraction of cellulose nanocrystals, Accepted in Carbohydrate Polymers (IF3.916)
  2. A.A. Jalil, S. Triwahyono, N. Sapawe, I.H. Ahmed, M.A.A. Aziz, Low temperature stabilization of electrosynthesized tetragonal zirconia and its photoactivity toward methylene blue decolorization, Desalination and Water Treatment (ACCEPTED 2014) (IF0.988). |pdf|
  3. M.A.A. Aziz, A.A. Jalil, S. Triwahyono, M.W.A. Saad, CO2 methanation over Ni-promoted mesostructured silica nanoparticles: Influence of Ni loading and water vapor on activity and response surface methodology studies,Chemical Engineeering Journal 260 (2015)757-764. (IF4.058). |pdf|
  4. Mercury (II) removal from aqueous solution using celullose (dayah01), under review
  5. Isomerization of C5-C7 linear alkane over WO3-ZrO2 under helium atmosphere (miza), under review
  6. Carbon dioxide reforming over mesoporous materials (mun01), under review
  7. Cr removal from aqueous solution using mesoprous material (dayah), under review
  8. Effect of Cr/Zr ratio in the cumene conversion over modified CN-CZ, submitted
  9. Ag(0) nanoparticles supported on TiO2 and its photoactivity, submitted
  10. Effect Si/Al ratio in the cumene conversion over modified MSN catalyst (reza02), will be submitted soon 
  11. Role of mesostructure silica naanoparticle in forming alpha-FeOOH-ionic liquid micelle for enhanced photocatalytic,  will be submitted soon 
  12. Biodiesel production over silica based catalyst (khalida01). will be submitted
  13. Heptane isomerization over MSN based catalyst (aiza), will be submitted
  14. CO methanation over acid catalyst (peng), will be submitted 
  15. Nano TON for isomerization of n heptane, will be submitted 
  16. As (III) removal from aqueous solution using celullose (chee01), will be submitted 
  17. Heptane isomerization over TON catalyst (faiz), will be submitted
  18. Optimization of CO2 Methanation over MSN based catalyst (arif03), will be submitted 
  19. Study of interaction between cumene and MoO3 type catalyst: Optimization of cumene hydrocracking by RSM (jiha03), will be submitted
  20. Lower alkane isomerization over modified zeolite material, will be submitted
  1. M.A.A. Aziz, A.A. Jalil, S. Triwahyono*, S.M. Sidik, Methanation of carbon dioxide on metal-promoted mesostructutured silica nanoparticles, Applied Catalysis A : General 486(2014)115-122. (IF3.674). |pdf|
  2. M.A.A. Aziz, A.A. Jalil, S. Triwahyono*, R.R. Mukti, Y.H. Taufiq-Yap, M.R. Sazegar, Highly active Ni promoted mesostructured silica nanoparticles for CO2 methanation, Applied Catalysis B : Environmental 147(2014)259-368. (IF6.007). |pdf|
  3. T.M. Yunus khan, A.E. Atabani, Irfan Anjum Badruddin, Ahmad Badarudin, M.S. Khayoon, S. Triwahyono, Recent Scenario and Technologies to Utilize Non Edible Oils for Biodiesel Production, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 37(2014)840–851. (IF5.510).
  4. M.R. Sazegar, A.A. Jalil, S. Triwahyono*, R.R. Mukti, M. Aziz, M.A.A. Aziz, H.D. Setiabudi, N.H.N. Kamarudin, Protonation of Al-grafted Mesostructured Silica Nanoparticles (MSN): Acidity and Catalytic Activity for Cumene HydrocrackingChemical Engineering Journal  240(2014)352-361. (IF4.058). |pdf|
  5. M.S. Khayoon, S. Triwahyono*, B.H. Hameed and A.A. Jalil, Catalytic esterification of glycerol with acetic acid over Yttrium containing catalyst: The selective synthesis of fuel additives, Chemical Engineering Journal 243(2014)473-484.  (IF4.058). |pdf|
  6. R. Jusoh, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, A. Idris, S. Haron, N. Sapawe, N.F. Jaafar, N.W.C. Jusoh, Synthesis of reverse micelle <alpha>-FeOOH nanoparticles in ionic liquid as an only electrolyte: Inhibition of electron-hole pair recombination for efficient photoactivity, Applied Catalysis A : General  469(2014)33-44. (IF3.674). |pdf|
  7. N.H.R.  Annuar, S. Triwahyono*, A.A. Jalil, N.A.A.  Fatah, L.P.  Teh, C.R. Mamat, Effect of chromium precursor on the properties of chromium oxide zirconia, Applied Catalysis A : General  475(2014)487-496 (IF3.674). |pdf| 
  8. N.H.N. Kamarudin, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, V. Artika, N.F.M. Salleh, A.H. Karim, N.F. Jaafar, M.R. Sazegar, R.R. Mukti, B.H. Hameed, A. Johari, Variation of the crystal growth of mesoporous silica nanoparticles and the evaluation to ibuprofen loading and release, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 421(2014)6-13 (IF3.552). |pdf|
  9. A.H. Karim, A.A. Jalil*, S. Triwahyono, N.H.N. Kamarudin, A. Ripin, Influence of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on textural and adsorption characteristics of in situ synthesized mesostructured silicaJournal of Colloid and Interface Science 421(2014)93-102. (IF3.552). |pdf|
  10. M. S. Khayoon, A. Abbas, B. H. Hameed, S. Triwahyono*, A. A. Jalil, A. T. Harris, A. I. Minett, Selective acetalization of glycerol with acetone over Nickel nanoparticles supported on multi-walled carbon nanotubes, Catalysis Letters  144(2014)1009-1015 (IF2.291). |pdf|  
  11. Hartati, Prasetyoko, D., Santoso, M., Bahruji, H., Triwahyono, S, Highly active aluminosilicates with a hierarchical porous structure for acetalization of 3,4-dimethoxybenzaldehydeJurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) 69(5)(2014)25-30. |pdf|
  12. Aishah Abdul Jalil, Sugeng Triwahyono, Nur Hanis Hayati Hairom and Nurul Aini Mohamed Razali, Facile Synthesis of a Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle by electrochemical method, Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences 10(3) (2014) 165-168. |pdf|
  13. Sugeng Triwahyono*, Aishah Abdul Jalil and Che Rozid Mamat, Photoisomerization of n-pentane over nano ZnO/MoO2-ZrO2, Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences 10(4) (2014) 174-178. |pdf|
  14. Nur Hazirah Rozali Annuar, Aishah Abdul Jalil and Sugeng Triwahyono, Chromium oxide zirconia solid acid catalyst for n-pentane isomerization, Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences 10(4) (2014) 184-188. |pdf|
Wonderful LIMAU

.... i got this LIMAU on 19/7/2014 during Iftar party. This is the "shape of it" on,





I will update the next pict  on 20/12/2014.

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  • Heavymetal content
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