Saturday, 26 July 2014
Eid Mubarak !
Parade of Car

Parade of cars, but differs in reason and purpose.
one is going back for raya and the other for funeral.

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New Students 20142015

1.   Rubia (PhD)

2.   Sahida (PhD)

3.   Lufti (MSc)  

4.   Shukri (MSc)

5.   Anis Farhana (MSc)

6.   Faizah (PSM) 

7.   Shafriza (PSM) 

8.   Atiqah (PSM)

Teaching Load 2014/201501
  • SSCC 2453 Chemical Kinetics and Electrochemistry
  • SSCC 4443 Chemical Reaction Process
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  • fildzah2 : oh.okay dr.
  • drsugeng : fildzah, selasa pagi sy ada viva and ptg ada meeting. tgk schedule sy sblum dtg nnt.
  • fildzah2 : Dr,we're going to meet u on tuesday, next week.
  • drsugeng : fildzah, bila u all nak jumpa saya ekk
  • fildzah2 : Salam Dr,thanks for your help for the examination :) its kind of late for this aprreciation,but. Thanks Dr, :D
  • fazilah : nak tengok kat mana prof
  • drsugeng : baru habis tanda kertas kinetics ....hmmm not so goodlah ...average less than 50%
  • drsugeng : boleh ..datang bilik saya esok petang
  • norfazreen2 : salam, prof. boleh tak nak tgk jawapan untuk test 1a dan 1b ? nak compare dgn jawapan saya :D
  • drsugeng : to SSCC2453 students. Use your real name in the email, otherwise it goes to the trashbox

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